Strong partnership for PistenBully 100 E (left to right): Michael Kuhn (head of development at PistenBully), Jens Rottmair (Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG board spokesperson) and Alois Bauer (Mattro Production GmbH). Photo: SI/Surrer

PistenBully at Interalpin: electro motor and Snowsat cinema

Innovations and attractions: PistenBully combines world technical novelty with creative adventure once again at INTERALPIN.

PistenBully set off the bomb on the first day of the trade fair at 9 o’clock in the morning. The company introduced the first PistenBully 100 E running on an electric battery.


“Zero percent emissions, 100 percent function,” is how the company’s board spokesman, Jens Rottmair, summarized the result of intensive development efforts.


There are four built-in electric motors in the vehicle, two for the drive, one for the tiller and one for the blade. The battery’s usable energy capacity is 126 kWh with a rated voltage of 400 V.


“The battery lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours, limiting PistenBully 100 E suitability to ski halls, ski trails and smaller ski areas for now,” specifies Rottmair. The goal of the battery’s further development, however, is to enable even longer driving time.

The electric motors already enable reaching the same continuous speed of diesel drives of 27 km/h and demonstrate, in part, even higher thrust force. The drive performance is twice 90 kW. The battery charging time is between five (75%) and six and a half hours (100%).


PistenBully 100 E is equipped with combined tracks (970 mm), a 2.8 meter wide electric snow tiller with a new finishing outrigger and a second screen for controlling the electric motors.


“CO2 emissions are logically zero grams per hour,” concludes Alois Bauer from MATTRO, the drive’s developer. Further innovations have been announced by PistenBully with regard to the software SNOWsat LiDAR.


“In future, it will be possible to measure the depth of the snow, not beneath, but in front of the ski slope machine,” explains expert in the field, Stefan Lux (more on pages 40-41). The new structuring of PRO ACADEMY was another important subject at the trade fair (see in the SI 3/2019 issue).


And last but not least, the fair offered visitors also some fun. SNOWsat Dome in particular scored with the audience with its 5-D cinema. A photo box in a Luis Trenker passenger cabin denoting the company’s 50th anniversary with the motto “50 years Freundschaft by Pisten- Bully” was also well attended.

Packed seats (left) and long lines (right) were the result of the SNOWsat Dome 5-D cinema where visitors had the opportunity to

immerse themselves into the world of PistenBully through videos, sound, moving seats and even snowfall. Photo: SI/Surrer (left), KÄSSBOHRER (right).