Pistenbully: MiniSkis picking up speed!

Last winter, thousands of children were out and about in the snow again at many promotional events with PistenBully MiniSkis in the European Alps – and the USA will soon follow.

PistenBully MiniSkis have become an integral part of physical education in several schools for the first time.


Thanks to the support of PISTENBULLY and various associations, primary school children now have the opportunity to experience real fun and games in the snow for the first time.


“The goal of all our promotional events is to bring children out in the snow and away from the computer. We want to make activities in the snow appealing to them in cheerful, fun ways,” says Thilo Vogelgsang, head of marketing at KÄSSBOHRER. “Four years ago, we held the first campaigns. Now they’re bearing real fruit!”

MiniSki promotional events

The Baden-Württemberg Ski Associations (SBW) have been there from the beginning and have managed to replace math and German with sledding and slalom on the class schedule.


To some extent, PistenBully MiniSkis have even been purposefully integrated into primary school winter physical education on a regular basis. PistenBully provides the local SBW branches with the MiniSkis – without them, such campaigns would not be possible.


Gleaming children’s eyes and red cheeks know no borders


The MiniSkis from PISTENBULLY certainly make organizing these events considerably easier and more affordable. They have brought a lot of fun to many places this past winter. Whether at Alpe Tognola or Jochtal in Italy, or in Obertauern in Austria, the MiniSkis as part of “School on Snow” were present at many events.

Learn to Ski & Ride in Utah

PISTENBULLY is on this mission also in the US. On the national “Ski and Ride Day”, a part of the “Learn to Ski & Ride” program, PISTENBULLY and the Utah Ski and Snowboard Association staged a promotional event together for primary school children at the Brighton Ski Resort. At the end of all the events, there was joy in the children’s eyes—and satisfied looks on the faces of the organizers. There‘s no better motivation for holding more such events.