KISSLING AG has produced 160,000 gears to date.

Powerful & compact? Kissling AG !

The brand-new SKP gearbox

Swiss gearing specialist KISSLING has developed the SKP gearbox, an outstandingly small, compact and cost reducing product.


The new gearbox for cable transport systems from Swiss manufacturer KISSLING AG is called SKP. This unspectacularly stands for Seilbahn-Kegel-Planet (Cable transport – bevel - planet). The size and mass of the new gearbox are similarly unspectacular, unlike the resulting benefits. At power ratings similar to those of customary gearboxes, this small and compact gearbox requires smaller foundations and a smaller support.


This significantly reduces work and cost for cable transport system manufacturers and operators.“Thanks to newly introduced processes in our production, the SKP is among the most compact and lightweight gears in the 14,300 kNm to 22,450 kNm power range“, says Roman Siegfried, Marketing Director of KISSLING AG. SKP is a fully independent product and compatible with the cable transport systems of all major manufacturers.

Worldwide customer support

The gearbox is individually customized for each application. It is shipped within a few weeks and comes with comprehensive customer support. KISSLING has already received several orders for the SKP. The light-weight gearbox is particularly popular in America. “Customers appreciate our agility in production and service.


Word of our support and consulting in questions of maintenance and overhaul has spread to Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Alberta and British Columbia”, says Bruno Pfister, Service Manager of KISSLING AG. Six gearing experts are dispersed around the world and can be on site quickly if needed.

Bruno Pfister

Service manager, Kissling AG

“Being a small company, we have short communication and an extremely swift reaction time. One call and we are on a flight to America or on a road to get to European customers, following our motto ‘Whenever I need anything, I am being helped’. We revise even very old gears and gears from other manufacturers, which is why 1,000 customers from all over the world call us each year.”

30 percent market share

SKP draws from 92 years of experience manufacturing gears. Since 1925, KISSLING AG, based in Bachenbülach, Switzerland, has been producing, retrofitting and servicing gearboxes for cable transport systems and roller coasters, cement, paper and sugar mills, Extruders, stirring units, compressors and generators, test beds and power plants. KISSLING AG has produced 160,000 gears to date.


“Our business field is wide but we have grown big with gears for cable transport systems that are very popular in the industry and account for 60 percent of the production”, says Siegfried.


“Although we are a small-sized company with 35 employees, we are holding a 30 percent market share”, he adds. Even famous cable transport systems such as the aerial tramway going up Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro or Roosevelt Island Tramway in New York City are equipped with KISSLING gearboxes.


All newly produced gearboxes are extensively examined and tested before leaving the production halls. Among other things, each KISSLING gear endures eight hours of extreme stress tests before they are shipped to customers. On average, four new types of gearbox are designed each year, all of them in Swiss quality.

High quality, safe, durable

“Swiss Made” stands for quality, safety and durability. Proper maintenance and revision provided, KISSLING gears last pretty much forever while cheaper products from other sources often need to be replaced after ten years.


KISSLING prefers repairing to selling new gears at customers’ expense. The Swiss experts are able to repair gears from all over the world several decades old, whether they had manufactured them or not. KISSLING simply stands for Swiss quality and agility when developing or producing gears, revisioning drive systems or servicing customers. ts