Günter Abraham (CEO Naturfreunde Austria). Picture: Peter Emrich

Drones for alpine supplies

The Naturfreunde e-drone project shows that environment and development has not to be a contradiction with technological innovations: the drone is powered by an electric motor that could supply huts that are difficult to access in the future, or in the case of federal forests, can more easily transport seedlings in inaccessible places in the Alpine regions.


This e-drone can transport loads of up to 100 kg. The route can be determined before each take-off using GPS data, so the drone will no longer have to be controlled with visual contact. The e-drone can fly for about 12 minutes when fully loaded. Up to 20 minutes are currently possible with less load.


"For new technologies in the field of drones, however, legal framework conditions are still required, which allow such projects to be sensibly pursued. For this reason, Naturfreunde Austria are demanding designated drone test sites in the alpine region and are available for test routes near their huts", Günter Abraham continues.