Photos: Emicontrols

Protecting staff from COVID-19


At this time of COVID-19, the cleaning of surfaces plays an important role for companies, in order to protect those people who cannot work from home.


As the virus can survive on surfaces for several days, a precautionary measure is required to protect production staff. One option is regular disinfection of production halls, workshops and even storerooms.


Large nebulisers are perfectly suited to this process. For example, EmiControls, a subsidiary of snowmaker TECHNOALPIN, has converted its odour control machines to disinfectant.

Nebulising the disinfectant into many minute droplets forms a fine mist. This then sits on all surfaces and reaches even very hidden corners as a result of its low sedimentation rate.


A fine mist of the disinfectant/water mixture is dispersed in the room by a high-pressure nebuliser. This mixture protects people and machines at the same time as cleansing work surfaces of fungi, bacteria and viruses.




Indoor and outdoor use:

Odour control machines of type V12so are used for dispersal, as they are equipped with a dosing pump and the disinfectant can therefore be mixed in perfectly.


The range is 30 or 50 metres (it runs at two speeds) with consumption of only 4 litres per minute.


The liquid volume is therefore very low, so no puddles form on the ground and indoor use is also no problem.


One of the innovative disinfectants is currently being tested specifically for its effectiveness against the corona viruses. This is harmless to people and could therefore be used in a variety of ways.